11th March 2022

Logistics BusinessUgoWork achieves Li-ion certification for forklifts

UgoWork, a Canadian energy solutions provider specialised in lithium-ion batteries for industrial trucks, has announced that its 36V and 48V lithium-ion batteries are now certified UL 2580, the Standard for Batteries for Use in Electric Vehicles.

UgoWork worked with UL to obtain third-party, science-backed certification for its 36V (Class I and II) and 48V (Class I) lithium-ion batteries for electric forklift trucks and fleets. The products passed the meticulous tests, which include fire propagation testing, drop testing, vibration and shock testing, and crush testing. Achieving UL’s 2580 certification helps demonstrate to customers the scientific approach to confirming its solutions adhere to strict robustness and safety norms.

“Obtaining this certification, in addition to the certification for our 24V model, is once again the proof of our commitment to safety, where there’s no shortcut acceptable,” explained Philippe Beauchamp, UgoWork’s President and CEO. “Forklift manufacturers don’t mess around with safety, and we are extremely proud of all our recent approvals to better serve our clients who deserve the best, and the safest for their team members.”

UgoWork will showcase its latest innovations at MODEX in Atlanta, GA, on March 28-31.

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