Logistics supplier C.H. Robinson says the transport industry is managing to move goods despite workforce shortages, delays, biosecurity issues, congestion, and flooding in South-East Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

The company says transporting items has rarely been this challenging, and that cooperation between governments and air, road, rail, and sea freight operators is critical.

It also notes Australia’s economic recovery is being stifled due to a shortage of drivers in Western Australia, containers not being unpacked fast enough in South Australia, and ports across the country and Victorian roads being congested.

“The way the country is continuing to move goods shows just how resilient and creative the Australian transport and logistics industry is,” Andrew Coldrey, C.H. Robinson’s Vice President for the APAC region says.

“Last month’s flooding that closed rail to Western Australia saw an increased reliance on road transport and coastal shipping to make sure the West remained connected,” he adds.

“We worked with our partner carriers and the federal government to facilitate increased short-term capacity on coastal shipping routes to move large quantities of cargo that would normally travel via rail.”

He says he and his team have been busy both domestically and internationally.

C.H. Robinson notes the floods in Eastern Australia are impacting what is an already stretched domestic supply chain, and manufacturers and retailers will need to consider increased delays when planning.

It says Australian ports do not have enough space for importers and exporters to deliver their goods because of congestion.

According to the company, Australian terminals continue to be packed with a high volume of import containers. This is placing a strain on the local supply chain and causing problems for the terminals as well as empty container parks, transport operators and freight forwarders.

It notes Sydney has had a biosecurity issue where two major security and customs bond depots have reached capacity. They are said to now be rejecting any further consignments.

Andrew says local know-how, cooperation with regulators and great relationships between carriers is helping services continue despite these disruptions occurring simultaneously.

For more information on C.H. Robinson, click here.


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