17th March 2022

Logistics BusinessSALTO acquires face recognition company Cognitec

With Cognitec Systems joining the SALTO Group, the face recognition company will strengthen research, development and market reach for its established product portfolio while working with SALTO on new technologies for expanding biometric markets.

SALTO strategically selected Cognitec to meet market requests for adding face recognition and artificial intelligence technologies to the company’s renowned electronic access control and ticketing solutions. In addition, both companies appreciate a similar innovative work environment and corporate culture.

“Working with Cognitec gives SALTO the opportunity to integrate emerging biometric and AI technologies into our Group products and platforms to create new solutions and services that benefit all of our clients,” said SALTO’s Chief Technology and Innovation Officer Marc Handels.

Cognitec with its established brands will continue focusing on all business relations with its government and commercial clients worldwide through offering the company’s reputable face recognition solutions and customer support. The current office locations and experienced teams remain in Germany, the United States, and Australia.

Cognitec CEO Alfredo Herrera emphasised the importance of a partnership that brings advantages to both companies, and to all existing and future customers: “Becoming part of the SALTO Group allows us to extend our capabilities, market reach and business connections,” said Herrera.

“Since our founding, Cognitec has been the only company worldwide that has worked exclusively on face recognition technologies. SALTO brings an equally focused and excellence-driven corporate history to this alliance. We are ready to reap the mutual benefits of joining our innovative drive and long standing expertise.”

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