11th March 2022

Logistics BusinessPartnership promises “new opportunities” for intralogistics

A partnership between NAiSE and start-up company symovo is enabling the automation and robotisation of intralogistics.

The automation of intralogistics is becoming a growing need for companies. Due to the increase in the volume of work, the use of smart and multi-purpose AGVs is becoming more and more present. Intralogistics, as one of the departments of large companies, requires great efficiency, elimination of accidents, protection of employees, all means of transport and goods.

In the coming period, NAiSE and symovo will cooperate on many innovative projects and are currently working together to align the NAiSE Traffic product and symovo’s robotic system. This combination of products can lead each intralogistics to a new dimension of technology 4.0.

NAiSE is a company that offers three products for intralogistics: NAiSE Traffic (nominated for an IFOY Award in 2022), NAiSE Tracking and NAiSE Safety. They make intralogistics automated and completely safe for all participants in traffic, which leads to 30% more efficiency, and all this means 20% less costs for companies.


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