Looking for some fascinating and sophisticated room color combinations? Want to enhance the look for your bedroom, living room, and other places in your home? If so, then you must know the best room color ideas.

In this article, I will cover the most fascinating color ideas for living rooms and bedrooms, including the Vastu colors for the home. Read this article till the end to find the best room color ideas to make your living room and bedroom a more comfortable and livable space.

Most of the time, people who want to revamp their bedroom or drawing room go for new furniture, flooring, and decorating the entire space. But this will cost a lot at the end of the day. Not everyone can spend this much on revamping their house. Sometimes changing the colors of the wall paint is enough to give your space a major makeover.

If you do not have an idea which is the best wall paint colors for the bedroom and living room, do not worry. In this article, you will find the best drawing room color ideas and bed room color combinations to brighten up your house.

Here are the best paint colors ideas for the bedroom and sitting room with unique color combinations that you will get inspired from.

Best Paint Colors for Living Room

1) Yellow

As I said, I will provide you with unique living room color ideas to brighten up your space. The yellow color is the first on the list. Also, yellow is auspicious for Pooja room color, as per Vastu.

I know that yellow is not the first choice for people for painting ideas for living room colors. This might scare you also, but trust me, yellow is the unique and timeless color you can paint your walls. This will create a bright and sunny space in your house.

Paint the walls yellow and paint the ceiling white flat. The room color combinations will give your sitting room a warm glow. Many people opt for yellow as the color of their bedroom wall.

The best color combination with yellow for walls in 2022 are: –

  • Bright yellow with blue
  • Mustard yellow with lavender
  • Pale yellow with mint green
  • Dark yellow with black
  • Yellow with brown

2) Charcoal Gray

If I talk about the most chosen wall paint colors for the living room, yet the unique one, then I cannot miss this outstandingly beautiful hue.

There is a reason the charcoal color is everyone’s favorite. The easiest and most sophisticated tone to live with. Paint the walls of the living room with charcoal and watch your space transformed into heaven.

If you truly want to try something different, then go for a charcoal tone that is an almost purple-gray shade, perfect for home interior.

Some charcoal grays appear to be completely neutral. To avoid a charcoal gray overload, complement it with other colors. You can go with white, blue, light purple, and light green.

Also, you can contrast the charcoal gray with warm tones like: –

  • Pink with Charcoal Gray
  • Yellow with Charcoal Gray
  • Orange with Charcoal Gray

3) Peach

If you want more subtle colors to paint your front room walls, then peach is the shade you must go with for decorating your home interiors.

It’s one of the most soothing colors that will turn your living area more calming and welcoming.

If you love pink but want to paint the walls uniquely, go for a peachy pink shade. The peach color palette has a variety of shades to choose from. So, from light peach to peachy pink and coral colors, everything you will get in the peace color palette.

If I talk about what colors can go with peach, then you can go with the following room color combinations for your living room and bedroom as well: –

  • Gray with Peach
  • Gold with Peach
  • Blue with Peach
  • White with Peach

These drawing-room and bedroom color combinations can take the sophistication and calmness of your space to a whole new level.

4) Navy Blue

The timeless and classic room color idea that interior designers always use is Navy Blue. Navy blue is an ageless and trendy hue that complements your house and transforms the backdrop of any space from the living area to the bedroom.

Navy blue is a versatile color that goes perfectly with any color combination and decorating style. Its dark color captures the eyes. And it can be teamed with bright colors to pop.

You will find plenty of colors that perfectly go with navy blue such as –

  • White with Navy Blue
  • Orange with Navy Blue
  • Mustard Yellow with Navy Blue
  • Neutral Paint Colors with Navy Blue

5) White

A color that can never go wrong for decorating your living space is bright white. By painting your living room wall white, you will make it the most inviting place in your house. And this allows you to decorate your space the way you want. Neither will you have to be worried about the matching curtains and furniture that complement the drawing-room wall paint color. You will be freer with your decorating,

White is something that goes well with pretty much everything. You can combine white paint for the living room with various colors to make your drawing room more appealing. Go for: –

  • Orange with White
  • Gray with White
  • Mustard Yellow or Lime + White
  • Navy Blue with White
  • Glossy Red with White

6) Violet

Why stick to a few room color options when you can create a fresh look by using some uncommon colors for your living room and bedroom? Go for violet for your sitting room to give it a completely distinct look. This would help you greatly in taking the right approach to design your drawing room.

Paint the living room walls with violet and highlight the ceiling with the colors of your choice. There are various ideas and designs of violet wall paint you can use for your home colors that will make your house even prettier and more sophisticated.

If I talk about the wall colors combination for your living room or bedroom, then you can go for.

  • White with Violet
  • Light Purple with Violet
  • Pink with Violet
  • Yellow with Violet

7) Tangerine

If you are a classy person who keeps trying something different to make a big impression on people’s minds with your unique art, then tangerine is the color you must paint your walls with. You will be amazed to see the difference that orange color will make in your living room.

Tangerine wall color will make your home feel so sunny and bright. This dazzling hue of orange will set a dynamic scene for artwork. Whether you want to decorate your home with lampshades, brown furniture, or blue upholstered furniture. The tint will complement your home interior design.

Tangerines go wonderfully with any shade. To create a sunset look, you can go for.

  • Yellow with Tangerine
  • Blue with Tangerine
  • Purple with Tangerine

These are the best tangerine or orange combination wall color ideas for the living room and bedroom. These colors will make your house look lively.

For more elegant looks in your home, you can go for tangerine with gray and cream color.

8) Red

I can bet you have never thought of using red color for your interior wall paint colors. But by using a splash of red on your living room walls or bedroom, you can create a rich and beautiful look in your abode.

Red is one of the most sophisticated room colors, which goes well with many home décors. Also, this can be combined with any tint of blue, orange, and white. These room color combinations will complement your entire interior design.

Either a glossy or matte finish, both shades are the perfect living room color ideas. If we talk about the best color combination with red for interiors, then opt for: –

  • Orange with Red
  • Blue and White with Red
  • Violet with Red
  • Gray with Red

Well, these are the unique and best living room color ideas you can use to decorate your living room. Now, we will discuss the best room color ideas for your bedroom. And later we will give you bonus tips on choosing the right room color according to the Vastu, so read till the end.

The Best Bedroom Colors Ideas

While choosing color schemes for bedrooms can be easy for a few, it can be tricky for many because it is not the task we often do. But don’t worry, because choosing the best bedroom color combination is not too difficult. We have the best bedroom color ideas that will make you wake up happier every morning.

Since some observe that colors have a psychological effect on people’s minds, we will also talk about the best color for the bedroom, according to the Vastu.

1) Soothing Gray Bedroom

Who doesn’t want to retreat to calm after returning home from a long hectic day? A relaxed space is much more needed for relaxation, thus, you can paint the bedroom walls gray. This will help you create a soothing environment for your private space at home.

So, get the good vibes for coziness and romance in your bedroom with a mix of wooden furniture, soft linens, and delicate gray wall paint. These will bring peace to your personal space in your apartment.

Gray is the first choice of many interior designers for room color ideas. They beautifully teamed gray wall colors with different hues. The best room color combinations to use with gray for your bedroom are: –

  • Gray with white
  • Gray with black
  • Blush Pink with Gray
  • Gray with slate blue
  • Navy Blue with Gray
  • Gray with Driftwood Color

2) Bright Bedroom Interior with Cream or Beige Color

Do you also think that cream or beige are dull colors? Because I don’t think so. The cream color is warm, subtle, versatile and the best neutral hue for a bedroom, if used creatively. But your bedroom interior plays a vital role in this. Be extra artistic with interior design to contrast the shade to bring warmth into the space.

The color cream is extremely versatile for bedroom color ideas. This pleasant hue creates a calm and relaxing environment in your home. You can combine it with any other neutral colors to create a sophisticated and elegant look in your bedroom.

The beautiful colors that coordinate with cream for bedroom wall paint are: –

  • Cream with pale or mild gray
  • Lavender with Cream
  • Cream with turquoise or sky blue
  • Cream with pure white

3) The Dashing Blue Bedroom

Want to try something bold but worried if you will regret it later? Don’t worry. Just go with a dashing blue hue and team it with lighter tones that won’t overpower. Also, you can prevent overdoing it by contrasting bedroom blue wall paint with some attractive wall art.

If you have set your mind to have a blue color scheme in your home, then you must look for the best blue room color ideas. Here are the best colors that go with blue: –

  • White with Blue
  • Blue with neutral tones such as cream, sand, and ivory
  • Blush Pink with Blue
  • Blue with orange

4) Cozy and Comforting White Bedroom

If you are confused about which bedroom color paint to choose, then simply go for white. A white bedroom can never be boring. In fact, some opt for pure white bedroom furniture as well. By painting your bedroom walls white you will find your personal space more refreshing, clean, and elegant.

If white bedroom design ideas inspire you, then decorate your private space with a pure white color. Almost all colors go very well with white paints for walls. But you can go with: –

  • Black with White
  • Turquoise with White
  • Red with White
  • Silver with White
  • Lime with White
  • Royal Blue with White

5) Chic Yellow Bedroom

Yellow is one of the most cheerful and happy colors of the rainbow. Whether it’s your favorite color or you are looking for ideas for bedroom paint colors as per Vastu, a yellow color scheme is going to make you smile. From lighter to darker shades, yellow can brighten any room.

For a serene sleeping room, paint the bedroom walls yellow and white. To make your bedroom look sophisticated, team yellow with gray shades and walnut wood hues.

Also, you can go for different tints to brighten up your sleeping room with these room color combinations.

  • Orange with Yellow
  • Pink with Yellow
  • Blue with Yellow
  • Green with Yellow
  • Brown with Yellow

6) Bold Bedroom with Green and Gold

If you are a nature lover or inspired by the natural world outside, then bring the lush green look into your home. No, we are not talking about plants and herbs, but about painting your bedroom walls green. No matter whether it’s an apartment/flat, a personal property or a cottage in the mountains, this versatile shade can transform any space into heaven.

A tint of gold will complement the green color scheme in your bedroom. You can either use gold as a base with lush green wall art or paint your bedroom with green and outline the edges with gold.

Apart from gold, green can be well complemented with neutrals like brown, cream, and gray. And for a vibrant look, go for the following room color combinations.

  • Yellow with Green
  • Blue with Green
  • Pink with Green
  • Light Orange with Olive Green

7) Dreamy Pink Bedroom

We all know that pink is the perfect bedroom color for girls, but forget what you know about the pink bedroom. Most people have ditched pink for bedroom color, and which is why it could be a unique color for bedroom nowadays. If you are hunting for new room color ideas for your bedroom or other rooms, then pink is your answer.

Pink comes in a great variety of shades. While some tints of pink are loud and bold, others are quiet and calm. You can create a pleasant environment in your bedroom for relaxation with this color. From blush pink to magenta, there are a variety of shades that are the best bedroom colors for sleep.

The best part is that pink serves as a complete color palette on its own. You don’t have to team with other hues. You can pick any similar undertones to create a dimension in any space. Also, pink goes well with different tints like: –

  • Pink with blue
  • Pink with lime green
  • Dusty pink with brown
  • Baby pink with gray
  • Orange with pink
  • Lush pink with aqua

8) Royal Purple Bedroom

Even if you think purple is a common color to go for bedroom color ideas, you cannot resist admiring how beautiful your room looks once the purple color will make an appearance in your house.

A deep or royal purple hue is perfect for brighter bedrooms, as the dark shade will absorb light while still adding a dramatic look. To team this beautiful, vibrant hue for your bedroom, you can go for:-

  • Gray with Purple
  • French Lavender with Purple
  • Pale Blue with Purple
  • White with Purple

For choosing the best room colors for your house, going for bold room color combinations will give you a reflective effect.

While these were the best room color ideas for small living rooms and bedrooms, let’s now discuss the home colors as per the Vastu for those who believe in the Vastu Shastra.

Vastu Color for Bedrooms, Kitchen, Living Room, and Pooja Room

According to Vastu Shastra, different hues hold different importance and are also suitable for different rooms. If you want to bring positive energy and prosperity to your home, then you should take care of Vastu while choosing the best colors for bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, etc.

Best Color for Kitchen as per Vastu

All bright, warm, and neutral colors like orange, yellow, and red are the best kitchen color, according to the Vastu. These colors represent fire elements; therefore, they are good for the kitchen. Also, you can paint kitchen walls pink, which signifies love and warmth.

Best Bedroom Colors for Couples

Blue is for calmness, and this is a perfect color for your sleeping room. So, according to Vastu, blue and green are the best bedroom colors for couples. And newly married couples can opt for yellow and pink hues.

What Room Colors to Choose as Per Vastu?

Rooms Colors to Choose As Per Vastu Colors to Avoid As Per Vastu
Living / Drawing Room White, Yellow, Blue, and Green Dark Shades
Bedroom Blue, Green, Light Pink, and Brown, Orange and Dark Shades of Red
Kid’s Room White, Light green, Light blue, and Yellow Black, Red, and Dark Blue
Kitchen Yellow, Orange, Red, and Saffron Dark blue, Gray, Brown, and Black
Bathroom White Any Dark Shades
Study Room Light green, Blue, Cream/White Brown, Gray
Pooja Room Yellow Red

Now, we also have discussed the best home room colors according to Vastu. You know what colors to choose and what to avoid as per Vastu so, stay on the right side by picking the right color for homes.

Ending Note…

From the latest room color ideas trending in 2022 to the best room color combinations, according to Vastu, we have discussed them all. You can pick whatever suits you and your desires. You may also like to read my another article: The Ultimate Guide for the Perfect House Painting.

Also, if you are planning to move to a new house, use these room color combinations to decorate your new home. And rely on Movingsolutions.in to hire the best packers and movers in Delhi, Noida, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, and several other cities in India to avail of the best house shifting services at affordable prices.

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