Caja Robotics offers a robotics ASRS for goods-to-person order fulfilment. It believes automation should adapt to a warehouse’s infrastructure – and not the other way round.

Caja Robotics was founded in 2014 by experienced technology and logistics professionals with an extensive background in fulfilment centre operations. Caja Robotics was created based on experience in the eCommerce retail and logistics market, facing the daily challenges of the order fulfilment process. It recognised there was a need for a warehouse robotics solution that was flexible, scalable, and adapted to the specific challenges and needs of operating a fulfilment centre.

This led to Caja Robotics, a robotics solution created to be adaptive, flexible, which meets the needs of operating fulfilment centres.

Its team of visionary software and robotics experts, combined with our real-life experience in operating warehouse fulfilment centres, means it is uniquely positioned to create an advanced robotics fulfilment solution that truly meets business needs.

Its robotic fulfilment solution for unit picking increases order picking efficiency and the storage capacity of warehouses, while improving the work environment of warehouse employees. This is achieved without major changes and investment in warehouse infrastructure, as its solution seamlessly integrates with existing flooring, mezzanines, shelving and boxes.

The Caja Robotics fulfilment system is comprised of cutting-edge software, specialised robots, and user-friendly workstations. Its fleet management is handled by a unique 4D algorithm, and the cloud-based software is powered by advanced algorithms and is ready to be integrated with leading WMS systems. Its system is designed for maximum efficiency and output, so you can keep up with an ever-changing competitive landscape. Futurise your warehouse with ease, with Caja’s flexible, modular system built for scale.

Caja’s solution comprises two types of robots: a Lift robot for storage optimisation and replenishment, and a Cart robot for picking and fast transportation of boxes. Caja Robotics’ cutting-edge software is what makes its solution stand out in the marketplace.

The robotic fulfilment system, comprised of specialised robots and user-friendly workstations, is controlled entirely by this advanced software. Its smart AI-powered software architecture enables a solution that is adaptive, scalable, and responsive.

Adaptive: Thanks to its cloud-based, flexible software, Caja’s robotic system can be installed in almost any warehouse since it adapts to its existing infrastructure. Caja’s software is easily integrated with the customer’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) through documented APIs.

Scalable: Due to its highly scalable and rapidly deployable modular architecture, Caja’s software enables gradual expansion and helps cope with fluctuating demands. This scalability allows customers to change the warehouse layout quickly and easily add parts, sections, or warehouses as needed.

Responsive: The responsive system maximises throughput by continuously optimising the warehouse for existing and predicted orders. This dynamic control software can change its algorithms strategy on-the-go to achieve performance optimisation. Caja’s system responds to sudden and unexpected challenges as it easily switches to manual picking and back to robotic picking in a matter of minutes.

Caja’s solution is designed for optimisation, from the lightning-fast inbound replenishment process that fits multi-sized bins and boxes, to the daily tasks that demand synchronising with pre-installed WMS. Meanwhile, it carefully controls omni-channel orders, future orders prediction algorithms, warehouse optimisation, and order returns, making them fast and simple with WMS synchronisation, which brings items’ availability back online quickly.

Caja’s system is designed to optimise the inventory and order fulfilment operations of logistics companies. Modern order fulfilment demands an adaptive, scalable and responsive solution, as an alternative to the rigid ASRS with their high investment costs.

Its robotic system is flexible and modular, easy to install and adapt. Its easy and fast installation in both Brownfields and Greenfields is possible without large investments in warehouse infrastructure, by using existing infrastructure like flooring, mezzanines, shelving, and boxes.

Its  cloud-based software supported by smart algorithms, AI, and machine learning, makes its system easy to adapt during peak times when more robots are needed to meet clients’ demands, or even when changes are made in the warehouse operation or infrastructure.

Caja’s automation solution is optimised for the logistics world of many applications, among them: apparel, footwear, 3PL, pharma & health, eCommerce, food & beverages, and grocery.

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