Battery charging technology and photovoltaics offer the perfect combination for green logistics, according to experts from Fronius.

The UK has set itself a target to bring greenhouse gas emissions down to net zero by 2050. Although this seems like a long way off, it is important that businesses start to think about their role in achieving this target and making a better, greener world for our future generations. With this end goal in mind, energy efficiency experts at Fronius are able to help their customers take the right steps towards CO­2 neutral logistics.

Companies are currently being confronted with sharply increasing electricity prices and ever stricter environmental protection requirements, coupled with changing consumer perceptions on packaging and an increase in green thinking. Seasonal peaks also present a big challenge, increasing energy consumption, and consequently driving costs and CO2­ emissions upward. In addition to efficiency and cost effectiveness, sustainability is also becoming an increasingly important subject across all sectors.

“It is apparent to us that there is a clear trend in companies wanting to reduce their CO2­ emissions and decarbonise but they are looking for feasible and practical solutions. This is what Fronius offers,” explains Beate Ruebig, Managing Director of Fronius UK. “We pride ourselves on being able to support our customers on their way to a greener logistics operation. In order to do this, our energy efficiency experts can look at the potential savings within the current operation by using Fronius solutions to reduce their ecological footprint.”

Specialising in highly efficient and intelligent conversion and control of energy for 75 years, Milton Keynes-based Fronius offer a complete package for the intralogistics industry with their energy efficient battery chargers for material handling equipment and a unique solar lease offering – both guaranteed to make savings on energy costs and reduce CO­2 emissions – making a holistic and intelligent approach to meeting the net zero targets of 2050 from a single source.

Solar powering your business

Energy costs make up a significant portion of an organisation’s overheads. Workstations, printers, machinery, forklift truck charging, lighting, air conditioning, EV charging; the list of energy hungry appliances is exhaustive, but despite the development of more efficient technologies, we continue to encounter constant energy price increases and the emergence of new electricity-reliant innovations.

The use of renewable energy, and a photovoltaic system in particular, plays a big part on the road to the 2050 targets. Distribution centres with their large, flat roofs are ideal sites for a solar PV system. The self-generated energy that they produce can power those energy hungry consumables typically found within a business, such as forklift trucks, ensuring greater independence from the grid, protecting them from energy price rises and lowering CO2­ emissions whilst taking a big step towards greater sustainability.

Many businesses worry about the initial upfront investment required to install a PV system with the ROI taking years. This is where Fronius has a solution.

With their short and unique leasing model, it is possible to achieve huge savings on your energy bill from day one, with zero upfront investment. Unlike Power Purchase Agreements, where you sell your generated electricity to offset grid electricity and the system cost, this model simply allows you to lease the equipment required to generate your own green electricity over a 15 year period, with the option of ownership thereafter.

This simple lease plan means businesses could produce their own green energy with fixed monthly payments being lower than the cost of that same electricity if purchased from the energy supplier. Complete with a production guarantee, total project management, installation and maintenance plan, this lease really is a win-win.

Energy savings inside and out

Fronius’ capabilities reach further than the roof of a warehouse but to the internal operation too. With the most progressive technology available on the market for charging traction batteries for electric forklift trucks, the Selectiva 4.0 charger range offers intelligent functions and an extremely gentle and energy-efficient process for charging lead-acid, lead-crystal, CSM and gel batteries.

The intelligent charging characteristic adapts to the state of each battery depending on its age, temperature and overall health ensuring an ultra-cool and gentle charge that will save on operating costs, electricity and reduce CO2­ at the same time.

“This technology coupled with the energy generated from your roof, can make substantial savings for a business and improve its sustainability,” explains Ruebig.


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